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Journal Entry: Tue Apr 28, 2009, 3:24 PM
Once there was a boy. He lived his life quite happily on a tropical island paradise with his friends, innocent, happy, optimistic. Then the darkness began to creep in. It threatened to consume his world and he was forced to venture far from his island home, reaching new worlds in his gummy ship with two new companions, a mage and a knight. He fought hard and long to destroy the darkness and restore peace to his world, but faced with a seemingly never-ending army of heartless, dusks, and nobodies, the task seemed nearly impossible.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the dimensional fabric, there lay a sleeping universe which was once as peaceful and quiet as this young boy's island home had once been. It was filled with many worlds, as the boy's was, only they were different, much different - instead of being derived from Disney films, this universe's worlds came from animated non-Disney films, as well as a few odds and ends that didn't quite fit that criteria. For a time they existed, quietly, separately, each world's inhabitants living out their existences in peace. Then, as it had in the boy's world, darkness came.

It seeped over quietly at first, as it had in the boy's world, creeping in at the edges of existence. Strange creatures known as heartless began appearing, attacking the inhabitants of the worlds, stealing their life essences - their hearts. Most of these victims simply became the heartless themselves. But a few were strong and determined enough, and they emerged as something else, something...bigger. "Nobodies." As the darkness continued to spread, rumours of a dark imposing force began to spread throughout the worlds - an organization. The nature of its motives and members were veiled in shadow, but their appearances were marked by dark cloaks and whispering black portals that swept them away into darkness.

For a time the darkness was allowed to grow on its own. As the darkness continued to grow stronger, however, patches of light began to show through the fog - like shooting stars these glimmers of pure light, known as shards, shot across the sky, seeking valiant, bright-hearted warriors who needed their help. When these flashes of light found a kindred spirit, the one they had claimed as their wielder, they launched themselves across the universe and entered an object near by, turning the object into a great and powerful weapon, capable of destroying heartless and dusks alike.

Only a small number of lights illuminated the sky at first, and they shot all across the universe, mostly attaching themselves to slightly older, more experienced individuals. It was about this time that one such ball of light entered a statue on the desk of Doctor James "Jim" Henries, a college professor in Rockwell, Maine, USA, allowing the young professor to fight off an onslaught of heartless which had been threatening his classroom.

After the flash of light transformed his statue into a capable weapon, Jim continued to watch over his hometown with the blade at his side, watching for any signs of continuing darkness. What he did not expect to find was that there were others like him - and that his new weapon could do more than ward of the heartless; it could open doorways to other worlds. Noting its duality as both weapon and key, he named the weapons aptly: keyblades.

Exploring the worlds beyond his own he found more like himself and gathered a small and ragtag group to police their individual homeworlds, looking for heartless activity and reporting any unusual sightings potentially of their ilk. They met regularly to discuss their findings, and also trained and grew stronger, more capable, and more familiar with their weapons. They became experienced, and deadly.

As the darkness continued to creep its way into their worlds, new wielders - those possessing keyblades, like themselves - began to pop up all over the worlds. They were younger, and inexperienced. Knowing how difficult it was to find solidarity among their growing ranks, Jim decided they would need a common meeting ground, a place they could all meet and grow, a place to teach these new wielders under the tutelage of the older, more experienced generation to which he belonged. He decided to make a school.

This school, known as the Keyblade Academy, is now home to wielders of all shapes and sizes. It is a place for young keybladers to grow and to learn their craft, taught by the older, more experienced keybladers of the first and second generations, where they can be nurtured by skilled professors and perhaps even be taken under the watchful eye of a one-on-one trainer.

However, not all wielders belong to the Academy. There are those who choose to go their own way, or who have simply never run across the school. They belong to both the first, second, and third generations, and are anything from hostile to friendly towards the Academy members. Their affiliation has yet to be determined.

If you are a warrior of light in this ever-changing world, you have an important decision to make: Will you side with the training of the Academy, or will you risk it alone in the world? There are many opportunities still available to entrepreneurial young wielders; perhaps one day you will have your own following of keybladers to lead around. The path is wide open to you. Which fork shall you choose?

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