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How to Join

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 14, 2009, 12:57 AM
If you're looking to find out how to join, then you've come to the right place! : D Here you'll find everything you need to know about joining, and what to do to make yourself fully prepared for the process~


Before you even begin working on your character design, there are some things you should do to ensure you won't get an automatic rejection notice from us.

  1. Check out the Members List and the Searchable List of Objects of Derivation and Abilities to make sure your character's keyblade ability, keyblade name and design, and object of derivation are original.
  2. Read all the informational journal entries, including the Rules and FAQ, the Introduction, More About Keyblades, Ranks and Generations, Timeline, and About the Keyblade Academy.
  3. Check the Worlds List or ask us if you aren't sure to make sure your character's world is appropriate to the club's universe.

If you have any further questions regarding the club's policies in general, you may ask them over at the FAQ</b>. If you need help with specific things related to your character, note us at the club or leave us a comment on the Character Questions Thread. If you are unsure about a particular element that is a good place to ask about it.

Once you have done all that, you are ready to begin designing your character's reference sheet!


When you are ready to apply (your character is fully developed and their design is finalized), send a note to hyperionwitch with the words "Joining Application" in the title. In the body of the note, copy and paste the following form and fill it out~

Name: Your character's name.
Age: Their current age.
Personality: A brief, concise description of your character's personality.

Affiliation: Are they operating on their own (as a Rogue) or are they affiliated with the Academy?
Ability Level: Every wielder must have a rank according to their age, ability level, and generation. Please refer to the Ranks and Generations page to figure out which rank your wielder might qualify as. If they are affiliated with the Academy please review the information about the Academy, as well.
Generation: There are three generations to choose from, primarily differentiated by age and time the wielder received his or her keyblade. For more info refer to the Ranks and Generations page and the current timeline submission.

Weapon: The name of your character's keyblade.
Object of Derivation: The object your keyblade's heart entered as a shard and turned into a keyblade. For more about this refer to the Keyblade Information entry.
Ability: The particular ability specific to your keyblade.
Ability Description: A brief description of how your keyblade's ability works. It doesn't have to be terribly lengthy, so long as it gets the point across. Think about the clearest, most specific way you can convey this, and put that here. (:
Homeworld: The world your character is originally from. Please refer to the Worlds List for this or ask us first if you want to apply from a world not listed on there.
Backstory: A brief summation of your character's backstory, including a detailed description of how your character gained their keyblade. BE SPECIFIC HERE and make sure to refer to the journal entry about keyblades in this universe to find out how characters are expected to receive their keyblades. If they are affiliated with the Academy also include how they came to the Academy and how they spend their time there.

Reference Sheet: A link to your character's reference sheet. This is required. (See below for details on what needs to be included on the ref sheet itself.)

We have included a blank version of the form for easy copying-and-pasting purposes, as well. (: ~


Ability Level:

Object of Derivation:
Ability Description:

Reference Sheet:


Every application must include a link to an original reference sheet. Every reference sheet should-

  1. be in full colour.
  2. include a full body or 3/4 shot of your character wearing their adventuring outfit. Adventuring outfits are what everyone wears when questing, battling, or, in the case of Academy students, just hanging out on campus or in the dormitories. Academy students should also have a picture (which can be less detailed/high quality) showing their take on the basic Academy uniform, which can be found here.
  3. show a decent amount of time and effort; we do not accept sketches or sloppily-done pieces. Photographs of works are acceptable if a scanner is not currently available. This is not to do with level of skill but rather with effort applied, including time put into design and character development.
  4. include a picture of your character's keyblade in its primary form with its keychain form hanging off the end of its hilt. Key forms may also be shown but are not necessary, as they are often similar to if not exactly the same as their larger "regular" forms. For more info about this refer to the More About Keyblades entry.

The text beneath the reference sheet should include the basic application you sent to the club so that everyone else can know about your character, not just us.


So you sent in your application? Good for you! I'm sure you did everything you needed to do. (: We Superiors usually take about one to two weeks to reply to notes, but if we take any longer than four weeks, you should probably send us a note again, because chances are your first one got lost somehow. Sorry!

When we reply to your note, we will tell you one of two things: Either that you are Rejected, or Accepted. An acceptance means, congrats, you're in! A rejection means that we're sorry, but you didn't make it in. This is not absolutely final, however. If you are given a rejection notice we will do our best to tell you what we think you need to improve on to get in, and you are welcome to re-submit an application as many times as you need to get that character into the club. (:

Here are some possible reasons your character might have gotten rejected:

  • They had ties to original Kingdom Hearts characters.
  • Their ability, keyblade, or ability use were not original or unique enough to warrant a new character.
  • Their personality was flat, Mary Sue- or Gary Stu-ish, or too similar to that of a pre-existing KBB member.
  • Their world placement did not many any sense, their ability or ability use seemed illogical, or their appearance reminded us too much of someone else's.

If we require only a minor tweak of your character's design, we will hold your spot until you can come up with something viable to replace the detail in question. If we feel the character needs major work, however, we will simply ask you to re-apply, and will not hold your ability or place in line. Either way we will let you know in our initial response to you.

Good luck! : D

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