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Rules and FAQ

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 28, 2009, 3:47 PM

  1. Don't cause or propagate drama. After the second or third offense you will be banned from the club's userpage and dropped from the member list.
  2. Don't comment or favourite on the club-submitted works, unless the description says otherwise.
  3. All characters must be from a non-Disney homeworld as listed on the club Worlds List. If you would like your character to be from a world not currently listed on the Worlds List, please ask first.
  4. Characters may not have ties to the original Kingdom Hearts characters, or originate from a world in the original Kingdom Hearts universe, or any Disney world for that matter.
  5. All keyblade designs must be entirely original, meaning of your own design. You may only use someone else's keyblade design if you have explicit permission from the artist. Keyblades from the original Kingdom Hearts games are not allowed.
  6. All wielders must belong to one of three generations and have a rank/ability level, as listed on the Ranks/Ability Levels and Waves journal. They may be associated with the Academy or they may be operating independently of them. Please read all information pertaining to ranks and the academy before asking any questions about this.
  7. All wielders must be somebodies (that is, individuals with hearts); no heartless or nobodies are allowed. Also please do not submit a wielder who is a somebody of an existing nobody. Nobodies are created FROM somebodies; a nobody and its respective somebody cannot exist simultaneously. For example, when Seth lost his heart, he turned into a nobody and created a heartless in the process. His somebody no longer existed, and will continue to not exist unless he somehow regains his heart.
  8. All applicants MUST have a drawn reference sheet upon application to the club. This does not have to be particularly "amazing" but the artwork does have to be original - meaning entirely your own or used with the express permission of the artist. Don't copy or use someone else's artwork without getting their permission first.
  9. Don't pick an ability that doesn't make sense, is too hard to pin down, or is too close to someone else's. Avoid using abilities that are too broad or vague/not clearly defined, and try to think about how your character will use his or her keyblade's ability in battle before working on his or her reference sheet. Describe how your keyblade's ability works in battle as clearly and specifically as possible, and use examples of attacks and/or battle tactics where possible.
  10. All characters should be relatively humanoid in nature. This includes non-human types such as Zoras and Gorons from Hyrule, sentient aliens from Star Wars, and goblins from the Labyrinth. If your character is originally entirely animal we would appreciate it if they had a primarily humanoid if not entirely human form they took on for most of the time. This might manifest itself as something akin to an anthropomorphic character (i.e. a dinosaur might turn into a human-like creature with dinosaur features). This holds true particularly if they are going to be attending the Academy, which is in The Iron Giant and therefore requires human worldforms for attendance.
  11. Be sure to proofread your reference sheet and application before sending it to us, checking for spelling or grammatical errors as well as inconsistencies in design, personality, backstory, etc.
  12. If you are confused or have any questions during the developmental process, please use the chatroom and the forum to ask for help with your character before submitting your application.
  13. Before you submit your character to the club, be sure to read all the journals regarding club information. Links to these may be found to the right of the journals as well as on the left side of the club's main userpage.
  14. If you are unsure about something, ask! It's better to feel like a nag and be safe than it is to chance it and risk having to re-submit and potentially redesign your entire character.
  15. If you get rejected, don't give up! We want you to join and will do all that we can to help you get your character up to snuff. Ask questions, make modifications as requested, re-submit, and keep going.


Q: Are we allowed to have more than one character?

A: Yes. The maximum number of characters each member may have is three: one professor, one mentor, and one student (apprentices count as students as they are technically at the same ability level as them). However if we begin to load up on a particular rank we will cut off the ability to join as a wielder of that rank until the other ranks begin to fill out more equally. Most non-Staff applicants should only submit two characters at first, then wait and submit a third later if desired.

Q: I am applying with a student-level or mentor-level wielder right now, but they are not currently a Mentor. Can they become one later?

A: Yes. If your wielder is unassociated with the Academy, or is associated with the Academy but is not currently a mentor, they may become one later. If you do not have a mentor now but would like to make one of your characters a mentor you will need to send a note to the club titled "Mentor Request: [YOUR CHARACTER'S NAME]." The body of the note should include the reasons you want to become a mentor and your qualifications to become one (i.e. "I am a very skilled fighter and have trained long and hard with my keyblade"). If you have someone in mind to be your apprentice (a student-level wielder), please name them here. If not, say so. Requests should be written in character as your wielder.

If your initial request is approved your character will have to spar with head of the Mentor Department, Jade Devos (played by GothicOrVintage), as a test of his or her proficiency with their keyblade. This will be performed by YOU as a sort of a mission, which you should upload to your DA account and then note to the club in a note titled "Mentor Sparring Match: [YOUR CHARACTER'S NAME]." A background check will also be performed on both you and your prospective apprentice (if you have one), and if your character passes all these preliminary examinations and files the paperwork correctly, their mentor status will be approved.

Bear in mind that outside keybladers will be judged more harshly than those associated with the Academy. However if your wielder is a Rogue and wishes to remain as such, they may still take on an apprentice (known as a Tenderfoot amongst the Rogues), though they do not have to undergo the process outlined above. Similarly those denied mentor status by the Academy may decide to leave the Academy, potentially taking one of its students along with them or simply enlisting an outside Rogue rookie as their tag-along.

Q: I want to have a wielder who is a professor. What do I need to do to make this happen?

A: In your application note, include specific attributes which make them Professor material (i.e. skilled in battle, good with children, etc.), as well as the name or names of a class or classes they would like to teach. Check the Academy homepage to review a list of currently available courses in need of teaching. Also make sure the class you would like your prof to teach is not already being taught by somebody else! Bear in mind that prof applications will be reviewed rather strictly and should be very thorough and carefully put together, otherwise we will be less inclined to let you run one of the Academy's esteemed classes. (Another option if your character is not deemed "professor material" is to make your character a professor-level wielder who stays on campus serving as auxiliary staff, such as a cook, cleaner, etc. More info regarding this can be found at the Academy homepage, as well.)

Q: What is the uniform for the Keyblade Academy? Do I have to stick to it strictly or can I modify it a little bit?

A: The basic Academy uniform consists of a white or off-white shirt worn under a burgundy vest, warm khaki or cool gray pants or skirt, and brown or black shoes. The vest features a small version of the Academy crest over the left breast pocket. The design is extremely malleable however and everything except the base colours and the vest may be highly customized by the individual. The basic design of the uniform can be seen here, however it may be jazzed up with boys, zippers, buttons, unique shirts, cargo shorts, etc., so long as it is deemed "appropriate" by the Headmaster, Jim. He is a bit of an old-fashioned guy however so mini skirts and lots of cleavage probably won't fly with him.

Q: Do Mentors have to wear a uniform too? What about Staff members and Professors?

A: At the moment, no. Mentors and auxiliary staff are expected to wear a pin identifying them as such at all times. These pins feature a small version of the Academy's emblem atop a rectangular bronze badge featuring the person's name and the word "mentor" or "staff" (depending on which position they hold) in all caps. They may be worn on the lapel or front of the mentor's shirt but must be visible at all times.

Q: What about the Rogues? Do they have a uniform, too?

A: No. Rogues tend to operate alone and as of yet have no affiliations amongst themselves and thus no required uniform to wear.

Q: My wielder is a student at the Academy, but I already have a separate design planned out for their regular clothing. Do they have to wear their uniform all the time?

A: Nope. In fact all members are required to show their character in adventuring gear - the clothes they wear while NOT in uniform, typically relating to their world of origin but jazzed up a bit in typical Kingdom Hearts style - on their reference sheets. Academy students are also encouraged to show how they wear their uniform, however it is not entirely necessary and if your reference sheet lacks this we will not reject it for that reason alone. For an idea of how to jazz up your character's adventuring clothes so they look more like they belong in the KH universe, take a look at these pictures of Sora, Riku, Kairi, and Roxas from KH2, or at AkhMorn's fabulous redesign of the original Organization XIII members in adventure clothing. Don't forget to take your character's homeworld into account as well!

Q: Do all keybladers have to members of the Keyblade Academy?

A: Nope! They may be Rogues, freewielding keybladers operating independently from the Academy. For more about this see the entry on ranks.

Q: My character has the ability of ____, but someone who is a mentor or a professor already has that ability, and my character is a student. Can I have the same ability as them anyway?

A: For the time being I am going to say No, as I would like to keep ability-overlap to a minimum during the early stages of the club. However when we begin to get more members I will probably say Yes, since each member is allowed more than one character and it doesn't seem fair otherwise. However if your character's ability overlaps with another character's ability from a different rank they still must be different from each other in the way they are used. Characters belonging to the same rank may not overlap/have the same abilities at any time.

More things as we think of them!

If you have a more general question to ask us about the club, this would be a good place to ask it. (:

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