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(EDIT) Submitting Artwork

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 28, 2009, 3:49 PM
SINCE we switched over to Groups, the art submission process has changed significantly.  For the better!  Here's how it will go down from now on.

FIRSTLY, and extremely important, you must still note hyperionwitch to say you are submitting/have submitted a piece of art to the club.  That way, I'll know to OK it when you post it.  Include "Character Art", "Character Literature", "World Form(s)", or "Meme" (whatever your piece is) in the subject of the note so that I know what you have submitted.

NOW, to add your work to our gallery (if you've already posted it on deviantART), go to the main page of Keyblade-Brigade and hit the Browse Folder button in the "Featured" box (the one that shows all the most recent art posts at the club).  It'll take you to a page where, at the top of the page, there is a "Submit to this Gallery" button.  Hit that, and choose "Contribute an Existing Deviation".  This will allow you to choose from your deviations, find the one you want to post, and send THAT one in to the club.  We'll vote on whether or not it gets posted (and it should, providing you are a member of the club and your art depicts our members).  THEN IT WILL BE POSTED!

Alternatively, when you're initially submitting a piece of art to deviantART, on the submission page you will see the option to check a box marked Keyblade-Brigade, which, IF CHECKED, will post your piece to both your gallery AND KBB's.  Or, if you want to ONLY post your piece to our gallery, you can check the box that says "Submit exclusively to this group".  That way, only the group's gallery will have your art piece, not your own gallery.

The nice thing about this system is that it allows YOU to receive the comments and favorites on club pieces--they're treated as your works in OUR gallery folder.  Isn't that awesome?  We think so!

Once pieces are posted, we'll sort them into their appropriate galleries.  You don't NEED to name your pieces as we have (character art is "Character Art: So-and-So, writing is Character Writing: So-and-So, world forms are So-and-So WF: whatever-world-form-it-is, etc.), but you are free to do so if you like.  :)

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