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Proper Chatroom Etiquette

Journal Entry: Wed May 6, 2009, 12:47 PM
This is a list of rules for proper member and character behaviour in the chatrooms, and is applicable to BOTH KB and ON. Both non-members and members are expected to follow this protocol equally.


  • The Superiors are the controllers of the club. Their word is law. The staff members operate under direct authority of the Superiors, and as such any command given by a staff member should be treated with the same weight as one given by a Superior. Chatmods and Staff members have the ability to ban members and non-members from the chat in accordance with the terms of conduct outlined in this journal entry.
  • No elicit content may be posted in the chatroom. This includes links to outside sites and images as well as in-chat roleplay and OOC conversation. No sexually explicit content, excess violence and/or gore, etc. is allowed.
  • Character behaviour does not equal member behaviour. Please bear this in mind particularly when rping. If another character is being rude to your character, do not assume their player feels the same way towards you.
  • In that vein please keep all personal issues out of the rp chat. If you are angry at another player, do NOT bring that issue into the rp. It would be better to collect yourself, think about WHY you are angry with them, and address them privately and civilly via note. Your interpersonal problems do not need to be everyone else's, as well.
  • Do not insult any other member, incite conflict with other members, or create real-life drama. If you have a problem, talk to the Superiors first. Taking matters into your own hands can potentially escalate the problem and involve more people. Small and immediate issues may and should be addressed on the spot, however if you feel uncomfortable about doing this yourself please contact the Superiors immediately so that we may address the problem right after it happens, rather than several weeks later when the point is already quite moot.
  • Do not use the rp chat for OOC conversations, and do not use the main chat for rping. A few lines of crack rp in the main chat or a few brief OOC exchanges in the rp are okay, but anything beyond that will earn you a warning followed by a ban from the room.
  • The KB rp chat is for roleplaying keybladers only. The introduction of heartless, nobodies, and/or other somebodies (non-wielders) is not allowed unless they are a.) generic heartless used for training purposes or encountered when visiting a world, or b.) random NPC somebodies encountered when visiting a world who are made up on the spot for purposes of developing the current roleplay scenario. If you would like to rp characters from the different Nu clubs together, you may do so at the NuRP Chat.


  • Excessive violence and/or instigation/incitement of physical conflict (physical or verbal) outside of a recognized duel on behalf of an individual character or characters will not be tolerated. Consistently rude, cruel, or mean behaviour on behalf of a character or characters will not be tolerated. If your character is pissing off other characters and/or causing a fight to break out almost every time they enter a room, they are probably breaking this rule. If your character is caught doing this you will be warned, and if the behaviour continues you will be banned from the chat. Further offenses will potentially result in a full ban from the club and removal of your character from the Members List.
  • Every character must have a reasonably limited ability. No overpowered abilities are allowed.
  • Do not god-mod. Your character cannot dodge every attack launched at them, nor can they be all powerful and all-knowing. Similarly do not write in actions and/or reactions of other characters when you are making your reply to the rp. (For example, your character may throw a punch at someone else's character, but do not assume the punch will hit them, or that they will go flying across the room as a result. Let their player decide that.) If someone else's character says something in the next room, do not assume your character can hear what they said.
  • Please try to keep character reactions and injuries, etc. within reason. Being thrown into a wall is going to cause some bruises and delayed reactions; being hit with a rubber band is not going to cause your character to develop a gaping wound and gush blood.


  • If you are going to roleplay in the chatroom, you must apply to the club within a month of your first roleplay in the KB chat. You cannot simply use the rp chat without ever applying. If you do not apply within a month of your initial rp you will be notified and banned from the chat. You may be reinstated only after you have officially applied and been accepted to the club.
  • Non-members in violation of the first Character Conduct rule will be warned and banned as per accepted members, however the final offense will be a full ban from the club for a month, during which the offending non-member will not be able to apply. If at the end of that month he/she applies and is accepted, the chat ban will be lifted. However the first time his/her character is caught breaking the aforementioned conduct rule he/she will be banned permanently from the club and all of its constituents, including ON, Nu-Heartless, heartless-nu, and Nu-Hybrid.
  • All non-members participating in the rp chat are expected to read the rules and informational journals about the club before participating in roleplay, as they are expected to follow the club rules just as accepted members are. For example, non-members may not have characters not from the established KB/Nu canon, or who do not use their keyblades in the manner established by this club's rules regarding them.

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