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Searchable List of OODs and Abilities

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 23, 2009, 1:40 AM
Hello everyone! We have noticed that both here and over at Org-Nu there have been some problems with our Members List, namely that some of the abilities are not so self-explanatory, leading to new applicants applying with overlappy/already-taken elements, AND that we do not currently have a searchable database for our wielders' objects of derivation! To remedy this, we have compiled a list of current OODs already in use by our members' wielders, as well as abilities (including hidden/not-so-obvious abilities) organized by type.

The OODs have been organized alphabetically by nouns rather than adjectives, i.e. Benjamin's brass clock is filed under "CLOCK" rather than "BRASS," as it is the object itself that needs to be unique, not its descriptors (i.e. no one else could apply with a wooden clock, etc.).

I'm still trying to think of a better way to organize the abilities, so if you think of a system for them let me know! (i.e. BETTER HEADINGS/CATEGORIES)

This is a working list and is currently incomplete, so please be patient with us while we get it finalized. ^^

The KB Staff


Bracelet (family heirloom)
Brush (calligraphy)
Bullet casing
Captain's crest, naval
Cannon (plasma)
Chip (computer)
Claw, bear
Clock, brass
Cross, Catholic
Drill core
Duel Disk
Fossil (plant)
Gun (M134 gatling gun)
Gun (military issue)
Gun (old shotgun)
Hammer, head of (from 10lb blacksmithing hammer)
Knife (Swiss Army)
Machine, invented (the "Fumo Vinco")
Marble (glass)
Money/coin bag
Necklace (medical)
Pipe (smoking)
Telescope (portable)
Token, good luck (small, metal)
Trash can lid
Ring, wedding
Rock (icy)
Rock (that killed friend, Cecile)
Scales, weighing (from lady justice statue)
Sheath, sword
Spool (of thread)
Stake (wooden)
Straight jacket
Zydrate vial, empty


Abilities that affect the way a wielder and/or his/her teammates and/or other objects moves and/or interacts with the world around them. This can mean increased flexibility, agility, or the ability to fly or hover off the ground.

  • Ghost - a combination of hovering (floating above the ground) and phasing (becoming intangible, i.e. walking through walls/solid objects)
  • Intangibility - making other objects temporarily intangible (ghost-like; i.e. if a brick wall were affected you would be able to stick your hand through it like it was not there)
  • Speed - the ability to slow down or speed up attacks, enemies' movements, objects already in motion, as well as the wielder himself; cannot stop things completely and is limited to affecting two items at once
  • Contortion - the ability to make oneself and one other person bend in cat-like ways

Abilities that rely on using/summoning solid, real-world-based materials, such as rocks and metals.

  • Copper (solid, liquid, powder)
  • Steel (both liquid and solid forms)

These are abilities that affect or have to do with vision, or the mind's eye in a way which creates the illusion of sight/imagery.

  • Illusion - creates the image of a person's "perfect" or "ideal" world in their mind's eye; feels tangible to the person being attacked; end result is the person losing control over their own body, and exhaustion
  • Holograms - creates light-based projections of objects and people that have no tangible mass or solidity
  • Glow - literally creating lights and glowing effects to distract enemies; also has the ability to temporarily blind and hurt her opponent's eyes

Abilities that turn one thing into something else, or channel a particular type of energy into keyblade power.

  • Transformation - similar to alchemy; can literally change one object/substance into another, i.e. metal into wood
  • Spiritual Possession - the wielder gives up a bit of her own spiritual energy to charge her keyblade, fuel an attack, and take temporary possession of her opponent's body
  • Energon Manipulation - can manipulate Energon in all forms; can use it as ammunition; power technology/other Transformers; create power boost
  • Energy Sourcing - can draw power from sources of energy and convert it into power for keyblade/Energon for general use

Abilities that are more offensive that defensive, focusing on attack power; usually pack a pretty punch.

  • Explosions - the ability to create small explosions around oneself
  • Soap - can create and control large bubbles of soap that can pop on enemies and soak them in soap/get soap in their eyes; can cover a large area in slippery soap
  • Chess - the ability to summon animated chess pieces to fight alongside the wielder for limited periods of time
  • Reverberation - an aspect of sound, this keyblade creates physical, tangible force out of amplified sound-waves when striking objects, particularly metallic ones
  • Shadows - the ability to manipulate existing shadows; can use a special form to control his own shadow and damage enemies by attacking their shadows
  • Glass - the ability to taken in glass and use glass blowing to mainly create spheres (for attacking) or glass shields (for defending)
  • Hack - the ability to control automated machines for varying lengths of times based on size

Support abilities are ones which are more defensive than offensive, and help the party or the wielder in a way that is not necessarily going to deal any damage to his/her opponents.

  • Navigation - the ability to plot locations of things and places (i.e. creating maps of areas, finding hidden heartless, etc.), find lost items, and to tell where things originated/came from
  • Barriers - creates large cylindrical barriers around the wielder and up to three other people; can block against either magical or physical attacks
  • Balance - evens out stats (agility/speed, strength/attack power, defense, etc.) of wielder and his opponent, so that enemies stronger than the wielder come down to his level while his strength increases, etc.
  • Luck - increases drop rate of items (such as money and HP)
  • Theft - the ability to steal items from opponents
  • Steam - can be used to blanket the battlefield in steam, dampening vision; for self-propulsion (off and/or over the ground for short distances); and for scalding opponents by blasting them with hot steam
  • Smoke - the ability to mask oneself with smoke; immobilize opponents when smoke is breathed; burns at eyes and blurs vision
  • Totem Spirits - the ability to summon totem spirits to boost stats; second wind in a fight; strength boost; accuracy boost; speed boost; defense boost
  • Thread - the ability to create barriers from thread; unravel the clothing/armor of enemies
  • Remedy - the ability to heal people or inanimate objects by using the life energy in living beings

Abilities based off forces of nature, such as earth, wind, fire, and water. Most are self-explanatory

  • Wind - can use wind to push enemies back; throw opponents off balance
  • Earth - can manipulate the earth within range; create holes; raise walls; crack the ground
  • Fire - shoots fireballs, which expand upon being fired, and can also conjure and sustain up to a torch-sized flame to use as a light or heat source, or to light other fires
  • Lightning - can summon/generate 1-10 strikes/bolts of lightning per turn, shot from the tip of her keyblade
  • Water - can mostly just control existing water, but can summon it in small quantities as well
  • Earthquakes (Tremors) - can create earthquakes/tremors in varying degrees of intensity
  • Ice - can create ice from water in air near keyblade; can create hail, ice shards, and slippery surfaces
  • Nature (Plants, Trees, Flowers) - can grow vines to trip/wrap enemies; can summon trees as barriers or to assist hiding

Abilities involving summoning creatures to fight and/or using those creatures' powers to aid others.

  • Constellations (Zodiacs) - can summon the zodiac constellations to help him in various ways; summoning allies; boosting the keyblade's abilities
  • Summon - can summon objects from one place to another within a world

These abilities belonged to characters who were removed from the club. Their abilities, however, are still counted as being taken.

  • Petrification - can petrify enemies, preventing them from moving
  • Flight - the ability to actually fly for periods of time

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