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April 29, 2009


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About the Keyblade Academy

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 29, 2009, 11:36 PM
Located on a secluded hilltop in founder Jim Henries's homeworld of The Iron Giant, the Keyblade Academy is devoted to training young eager wielders fresh out of the third generation and turning them into skilled, experienced keybladers capable of fending off the darkness that threatens their worlds, as well as housing professor- and mentor-level wielders who desire the solidarity and training atmosphere that only the Academy has to offer.



The primary teaching facility for the Academy is a large renovated mansion from the late 1800s, which was previously acquired by Jim and fixed up quite a bit by the first generation of wielders who helped build the Academy. The mansion is located in a hilly region of Rockwell, Maine, in the northeast region of the United States, and is situated on about 100 acres of grounds. The grounds surrounding the school are lush with forest, open grassy areas for training and field exercises, an archery range for accuracy training, and a good sized lake for swimming and recreation. The Academy is a safe haven for young and more experienced keybladers alike to gather, train, and enjoy each other's company, and is complete with dorms and a cafeteria/mess hall.


All students are required to wear academy uniforms while attending class, however they are permitted to wear their regular adventuring clothes about campus and elsewhere if they are not expected to attend classes during that time. All uniforms feature the Academy crest (two keyblades crossed over a heart) on the left breast pocket of their vests, making their wearers identifiable to other wielders as Academy members. The basic Academy uniform consists of a white or off-white shirt worn under a burgundy vest, warm khaki or cool gray pants or skirt, and brown or black shoes. The design is extremely malleable however and everything except the base colours and the vest may be highly customized by the individual. To get an idea of what the basic uniform looks like click here.

Active mentors and active professors are also required to wear pins at all times identifying them as such. These pins feature a small version of the Academy's emblem atop a rectangular bronze badge featuring the mentor's name and the word "MENTOR" in all caps. They may be worn on the lapel or front of the mentor's shirt but must be visible at all times. Auxiliary staff are required to wear similar badges with either the duty they perform/the position they fill or the word "AUXILIARY" in all caps where the word "MENTOR" would be.


The Academy is home to a variety of instructors and mentors from all corners of the universe, as well as many wielders who came to the Academy seeking refuge, shelter, safety, a place to train, and solidarity amongst fellow wielders. These wielders (Auxiliary Staff members) serve as a defensive guard unit guard, fight when needed, and perform additional tasks such as cooking, cleaning, and laundering. They also use the facilities to train, meet new wielders, and continue to hone their skills with their keyblades. They belong to the mentor and professor classes and more can be found out about them on the Ranks and Generations homepage.

Below you will find a comprehensive list of all professors, mentors, and auxiliary staff members at the Academy to date. All faculty and staff members live on the grounds with the students, in a separate housing facility by the lake. One or two staff members (typically auxiliary staff) are assigned to each dormitory hall to ensure the students there observe proper Academy conduct at all times.

Jeremy "Jim" Henries - Jim is an intelligent, well-educated young man who teaches Principles of Keyblading at the Academy. He is a graduate of Harvard University with a degree in Government, primary founder of the Academy, and is 32 years old. Hailing from The Iron Giant, Jim is a bit of a square, though he is oddly fascinated by beat/avante garde culture, and enjoys listening to jazz and reading poetry in his spare time. His keyblade is the Equilibrium, which helps even the odds on the battle field, bringing enemy and wielder's stats to a more equal level.

Jade Devos - Head of the Mentor Department. She comes to us from the twenty-third century, a la The Fifth Element. Jade's a very boisterous, over the top sorta lady, and is surely a social butterfly. It's her job to pair mentors with students, based on element and personality compatibility. She enjoys spending her days going through paperwork, ignoring said paperwork, bothering Jim and Les, and yelling at things. She's not a big fan of legalities, getting denied, and when she's not allowed to play video games. Her keyblade grants her the power of copper. Beware your pennies and pocket watches, because she will steal them from you. She's 30 years old.

Lester "Les" Mason - Les is a grumpy old man who teaches Proper and Improper Keyblade Usage in Battle and is notoriously crotchety.  He is 62 and has spent most of these years tending to a general store in An American Tail, but he is apparently no stranger to "teaching stupid kids how to not die", as he has taken up this task at the Academy.  He can most often be found doing paperwork by himself--ALONE--when he is not teaching or grumbling. His keyblade grants him power over soap. Don't laugh, he'll hit you with it.

Viktor Gulbrand - Gruff and short tempered, but protective, Viktor found his place at the academy in charge of security for the facility. In addition to that, he teaches Applied Battle Techniques. He can usually be found walking the yards or doing metal work when he isn't teaching.  His keyblade, the Steel Hammer, allows him to control fire, which is not really something you want him to use on you.

Sakimi Myuki - The instructor of Knowing Your Keyblade.  Her Keyblade, The Fallen Angel, allows her to create pretty glowing things to distract and disorient the enemy.

Eremdalv - Erem's a broody man of few words, and often times those few words can be uttered in French. He may seem like he has a constant stick up his wazoo, but his past hasn't been quite the fairytale. Add in the fact that he has an irregular sleep schedule and that he gets his food from the local blood bank and you have yourselves one irritable vampire. Erem has a habit of thinking that he is better than anyone he meets, but this thought is easily broken once someone shows him their true talents and zeal. He is passionate about teaching Art, and is ever willing to lend a helping hand to any student, mentor, or fellow professor who needs it. Erem very much wants to aid the good cause in any way he can. Dark Redemption allows him to control shadows, whether it be distorting them, bringing them all together, or channeling himself through his own shadow.

Cassandra Jones - Currently without an apprentice, Cassandra primarily serves the Academy by recruiting new keybladers, often with an in-training student in tow; she also helps clean up around the dorms as needed and serves as primary liaison to all Rogue wielders throughout the worlds.

Olivia Bartlett - Currently assigned to Thomas Stratham.

Trinity Teague - Currently assigned to Azusa Tachibana.

Retter - Currently unassigned.

Aryll Giha - Currently unassigned.

Steven Worb - Currently unassigned.

Finn Bennor - Auxiliary Mentor (unassigned)

Adrian Duden - People tend to gather around Adrian, and being somewhat of a ladies-man, a good number of them are women. He can almost always be found playing music, on the same flute that became his keyblade. Helping Viktor with security and mentoring students when needed, his talents lie in distraction and subterfuge when fighting.  Currently assigned as a mentor to Lijuan Fan.

Evander - Auxiliary Mentor (unassigned)


At the Keyblade Academy we work hard to nurture our students intellects as well as their skills in battle. Our students are taught comprehensively and holistically to provide them with a full understanding of their keyblades and the world around them, and we offer a wide variety of applied general education classes in addition to our keyblade-oriented courses. Each general education course is tailored to fit our wielders needs and every attempt is made to make the curriculum accessible and applicable to our students.

:bulletblack: = This class is currently being taught by a faculty member
:bulletwhite: = This class is currently lacking a teacher


    :bulletblack: Principles of Keyblading - Jim :bulletwhite: Proper Wielding Techniques :bulletblack: Knowing Your Keyblade - Sakimi :bulletblack: Proper and Improper Keyblade Usage in Battle - Les


    :bulletwhite: Basic Battle Techniques :bulletwhite: Intermediate Battle Techniques :bulletblack: Applied Battle Techniques (advanced field class for pre-graduates only) - Viktor


    :bulletwhite: Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics) :bulletwhite: Math (Statistics, Geometry, Algebra) :bulletblack: Art - Erem :bulletwhite: Music (Theory & Practical) :bulletblack: History/Global Studies (Cultural Sensitivity --> learning about the cultures of other worlds) - :bulletwhite: Political Science (Political Structures of Other Worlds) :bulletwhite: Gym (physical prep for wielding practice)

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tenohfox Oct 4, 2010  Student Traditional Artist
I don't know if anyone else is running into this problem, but I can't see what the base uniform looks like. To me, it says the website is"forbidden".

I think the darkness gotten to it...
hyperionwitch Oct 10, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
It probably got taken down. If you need a description of it, I can tell you what it looks like or I can redraw the reference. It's pretty simple. :) Sorry about that!
tenohfox Oct 10, 2010  Student Traditional Artist
It's cool. I was looking through the galleries to see what other people did to get a basic idea of it.
Raaaaandom question because I is stupids:

What do Auxiliary staff people do? *is thinking about joining as one* Are they just "special" keybladers, or do they teach classes also or whatnot. Or, alternatively, do the do jobs like cafeteria lady, janitor, etc?
X) You're not stupid hun! Auxiliary staff mostly just hang out and use the facilities to train, though they occasionally choose to become mentors and take on apprentices to train, or to come on as professors after spending a while at the Academy. They are expected to earn their keep (though they aren't forced to by any means), so yes, they usually end up doing jobs like cooking, helping to serve meals, helping with the laundry, doing secretarial jobs, etc. They also serve as auxiliary guard and fight/defend the Academy when needed. They have their own dormitories/housing units (each get their own bedroom/apartment, unlike the students, who will be sharing rooms/apartments in true dorm-style), and eat in the same mess hall as the other staff members.

I would love it if you created an auxiliary staff member, hun! 8D Maybe it would break our cherry for it and people wouldn't be so afraid of joining as one, haha. X)

....Damnit now you've given me an idea for a second Keyblader. ; A;

So, they're sorta a step up from Mentor (but around the same power-base) but not quite a Professor yet? Interesting...Anywho, thanks for the info~!
looool, excelleeeent *rubbyhands* I love planting ideas in people's heads, haha! 8D

Technically auxiliary staff members can be either professor-LEVEL wielders or mentor-level wielders. They can be mentors, but they can't be profs, since the primary differentiation between profs and mentors is that profs teach classes and mentors don't. The auxiliary staff members who are professor-level but do not teach any classes (which is what makes them auxiliary staff, rather than professors) are basically just as competent as profs but only use the facilities to train, for companionship with other like-minded wielders, and for a safe, healthy place they can stay to be fed and have a roof over their heads. That is, they have the same ability-level as teaching profs, but are not officially profs themselves because they don't teach. Make sense? ^^ If you have a professor at the Academy who is a teacher, you can't have a second professor-level auxiliary staff member there, as well, you'd have to have a mentor or a mentor-auxiliary-staff-member.

The tricky thing about these classifications is that at the Academy, "mentor" and "professor" are both classes of wielders divided by ability level and staff members in different positions/doing different jobs at the school. In other words, when you're referring to a mentor, that person could be serving as an active mentor, mentoring an apprentice one-on-one very intensively outside of school, or they could just be a wielder staying on at the Academy as an auxiliary staff member who is at the ability level just below that of professors. And when you're talking about a professor, that person could either be actively teaching a class or classes of students at the Academy, or they could be a wielder staying on at the Academy as an auxiliary staff member who is at the highest known ability level, equal to that of actively teaching professors.

With the Rogues it's a lot simpler - they just have Aces and Specialists. Aces are the most skilled with their keyblades (like profs), and Specialists are slightly less skilled, though comparable to Aces. Specialists can take on an apprentice (Tenderfoot) but don't necessarily do so. The same goes with mentor-level wielders who are auxiliaries at the Academy, but...yeah. We've been over this already. ^^

Anyway I hope that helps clear up a bit more stuff, darlin. Ask if you have any other questions for me!

Also, while I'm here - are there any special requirements to become a Professor (if Auxiliary staff can't teach)? *Is going to get her butt into gear so Sai can try for the "Knowing Your Keyblade" teaching spot*
Auxiliary staff can't teach, no. Those wishing to apply with professors are expected to present qualifications for their character that would make them a good teacher, or at least responsible for teaching a bunch of clueless young wielders all day. ^^ Are they good with kids? Have they spent a while with their keyblade? Are they very knowledgeable about a certain subject or area of fighting? Were they a community leader in their hometown? These are all things that would qualify somebody as being teaching material, and don't necessarily need to ALL be present. For example, Les is very grumpy and enjoys scaring his children, and probably doesn't even like kids all that much, but he does know what he's talking about, and he's really experienced with his keyblade. Jim, on the other hand, might not be the best fighter, but he's great with kids and he really loves teaching (he also has a lot of teaching experience already, albeit at a different "grade level").

Otherwise just tell us what class you want your prof to teach and we'll review him/her and judge whether we think they're up to the job, then we'll probably let them in! The only kind of thing that might exclude somebody from professorship might be extreme mental/emotional instability, anger issues, or violent tendencies or something. We have some pretty quirky staff members, so it's all on a case-by-case basis. ^^
Awesomeness. Thanks again for the info...seems my origanal idea for my Keyblader would fit in nicely with the way you've set it all up~!

Hm, so Auxiliary's can't teach. Phooey. Ah well, like I said....I'll probably be using up my second spot anywho....stupid plotbunnies, they eat my brainspace! Just so I can be prepared to change my ideas if needed, is it possible to gank a Professor spot & a single-job Auxiliary? *Wonders if that'd upset the balance of keyblader power*

- P.V CON-Fu Ninja
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